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Explore ancient pyramids, try to rob a bank or dive into the mind of serial killer! Choose your adventure and try to escape in 60 minutes!

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The Ancient Pyramid

Could the curse of the pharaoh's really exist? Will you be trapped here forever?

Bank Robbery

Do you have what it takes to rob a bank and get away with it?

Ancient Pyramid

Geneva is not the safe place it used to be. Can you help authorities trace the killer?

The Mystery Dinner

Who is the murderer? Mystery Dinner is an interactive escape game that takes place in reserved room of Pub Pickwick's. Expect food, theatrical performances and a crime mystery to solve!

Price list

Price depends on the amount of players!

2 persons

CHF 100

3 persons

CHF 135

4 persons

CHF 160

5 persons

CHF 175

6 persons

CHF 180

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